Safety Save

Receive an independent assessment and peer comparison.

At Vanguard, we view every client relationship as an investment. Our philosophy is to put in the time and effort to understand every facet of a client’s business, so that we leverage our intellectual capital to add the maximum value. A great example of this commitment is our SafetySave™ program, in which we conduct a complimentary site safety audit, providing a comprehensive review that includes:


• Site Management
• Training procedures
• How paperwork is handled
• Accountability
• Safety planning

• How clean is the environment
• Subcontractor management
• Proper usage of safety equipment
• Other key metrics


In this way we can best determine your risk level at job sites. We provide this analysis and reporting so that together we can determine what actions and processes are necessary to reduce your risk profile… provide you with ALL available options, and get you the best rate possible. Moreover, our aim is to create a culture of safety within your organization.