For over three decades, Vanguard has provided insurance programs to owners, contractors, project managers, consultants, engineers and architects. Some of the industry sectors served by Vanguard include:


• General Contractors
• Construction Management Firms
• HVAC Contractors
• Electrical Contractors
• Plumbing Contractors
• Roofing Contractors
• Concrete Contractors
• Excavation Contractors
• Foundation Contractors
• Interior Contractors
• Heavy HighwayContractors
• Masonry Contractors
• Street, Road & Sitework Contractors
• Landscape Contractors
• Painting Contractors
• Environmental Contractors
• Fencing Contractors
• Metal Erection Companies
• Demolition/Debris Removal Companies
• Siding and Decking Contractors
• Drywall Contractors
• Artisan Trades



As construction specialists we understand the unique risks inherent in the business, and as a result our goal is to tailor an insurance program that balances your needs with cost & value.

To achieve this goal our specialists work with you to:


  • Identify your potential exposure.
  • Leverage our considerable intellectual capital to present alternative insurance solutions based on premium costs, coverage forms, and deductibles that match coverage to those exposures.
  • Provide risk management support to reduce or eliminate exposures to financial loss including site safety audits and more.
  • Act as an advocate for the client within the insurance marketplace.
  • Provide recommendations to guide you to the best outcome.